Rivo Mhlari - Founder Rikatec

About Rikatec:

Rikatec was founded by two African entrepreneurs in 2013. The vision behind Rikatec’s information management systems is to leverage Artificial Intelligence and become the dominant player in the internet of things when it comes to vehicles. Rikatec aims to be a leading global authority on vehicle ‘information management systems’ by introducing mobile interconnectivity in vehicles manufactured from 1996 to date.

The machine learning allows Rikatec to detect trends within different vehicles showing, among other things: driver behaviour, vehicle health, engine stress, wear & tear and driver profile creation. This facilitates improved prediction of vehicle longevity, assistance in determining insurance and warranty premiums and can assist in enhancing resale value of motor vehicles.

Rikatec prides itself with its young and energetic culture, where stakeholders are free to make their dreams a reality. We believe in dreamers and empowering our stakeholders to achieve in all they do. Making the “impossible” possible through technology is our primary mandate.

Rikatec: How it works

Rivo Mhlari – Founder Rikatec

Rivo is a master of perseverance. When he first created an information management system using big data and artificial intelligence to solve problems for vehicles such as predicting and detecting vehicle breakdowns, he was rejected 11 times by the manufacturers and insurance companies he approached. The rejections were his greatest motivation.

“I realized we were rejected not because what we were doing was not novel or attractive; we were rejected because they thought what Rikatec wanted to do was impossible. We were simply ahead of our time,” says Mhlari.

Prior to starting Rikatec, Rivo founded a marketing consultancy, where he hosted events and advised small business on strategy -> made money and funded the development of Rikatec prototypes. He also created awareness about the difficulties of support and funding for tech startups.

Today, Rikatec simultaneously provides a connection to the nearest help option within five minutes of breakdown detection. The company also provides predictive maintenance for fleets, monitors driving habits, wear and tear and uses big data and analytics to provide valuable information that can help reduce operational costs.

Rivo Mhlari - Founder Rikatec
Rivo Mhlari – Founder Rikatec

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