A women without a man is like a fish without bicycle. The dependency is just not relevant.

Around 49.56 % of the Libyan population is female, in the Libyan culture, most women depend on the male figure of the family for financial support, which is not practical nowadays, especially of what resulted from the war, where a lot of young men have died or lost their limps and became unable to earn their own living. It’s not practical to have the men as the only bread winner.

Shecodes acts as a parachute for such households in Libya where women has to do something for their families. Launched at the beginning of the year, it is very much determined in increasing the women participants.

The startup aims at providing tech training to women so that they can work from home in such holistic environment of the country. This can make them independent and also make them feel useful and productive.

The startup is self funded but has raised a lot of sponsorship for its pilot program. The program currently run in Benghazi, but the startup is expanding to Tripoli by the end of the year. This also aims at expanding to south of Libya and small cities which are often ignored. With amazing team and effective alliance with Libyan organization they are moving in the positive direction.

After all, running a tech startup in Libya is not a cakewalk given political instability, poor infrastructure and lack of capital. Tech industry being needy in terms of capital is difficulty to grow in the dearth of it.