Talking about the famous gateway to transfer money in Ghana, Mazzuma is an immediate click to one’s mind.

But how did Mazzuma and it’s flagship company become so successful that it got listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 technology category? How did the company look so promising as it was attended by the Vice President. Let’s have a curious look at the journey that it has covered so far…

Mazzuma and the flagship company CYST

So what is Mazzuma?

As taken from their website (, Mazzuma is a mobile money payment system that utilizes a distributed secure infrastructure and cryptocurrency to enable seamless payments. The Mazzuma token (MAZ) will be the key payment medium in the Mazzuma ecosystem.
Transactions made on the Mazzuma platform are instantaneous and free of transaction fees. This is going to revolutionize the payment industry with instant cross border payments.

Certain exclusive factors:

  • Payments can be made via messengers, telegrams with the help of AI.

  • It comes with an efficient keyboard that doesn’t make you exist from your already in-use apps.

  • You don’t need to sign up for a Mazzuma account before making purchases so your details stay with you.

  • Introduction of a cryptocurrency, Mazuma token to the platform for the payment means.

  • Free services of sending, receiving money and also payment for DTH, mobile phones etc.

Flagship Company CYST

CYST is a software innovation company which believes in challenging conventions. They aim at solving everyday problems using technology. Everything they do is value-centered and geared towards the redefining of the African stereotype. building technology relevant to local markets while complying with international standards. In simple language, they sell software solutions to other companies as per their needs.

Brains to sow the seeds

If you are young and talented, it’s like you have wings

This was proven by the two young entrepreneurs in their early twenties that how far they can fly with their wings of talent and enthusiasm. Kofi and Nii, the co-founders of Mazzuma and CYST built something Ghanaian have been eagerly waiting for.

Nii, an artificial intelligence researcher and a software engineer by profession is the whole sole brain behind all the implementations that Mazzuma team comes up with. Whereas Kofi, who has read Business Administration is public enthusiast who speaks about the next steps that the company is ready to take.

Apart from these two, the team has 5 other very young enthusiasts who are all set to deliver different level of success with time.

The venture is definitely overturning Ghana’s fin-tech ecosystem in an optimistic way….