An IT tech startup Enov8 Solutions that has focus on all sectors, is gaining fame for all the right reasons. It has been successful in achieving great execution in a span of mere 90 days.

So how did the company make it possible to spread all across the news in a such a commendable amount of time ?

A brief look at what the company does.

This is an IT company that provides innovative solutions to identified gaps across the sectors. It claims itself to be an ‘ALLTECH’ company. As collected from their foundation, the number of services that they provide is software development, system integration, project management, digital marketing and a tech hub.

Their strategic intent is to dynamically leverage technology in developing and delivering novel solutions across various sectors primarily in Nigeria but ultimately in Africa.

The company is located at Lekki, Lagos Nigeria and has a team of bright minds. The African IT startup has a creative team of professionals with overall experience of 30 years in the field of management, finance and technology.

Let’s have a look at several key steps that emerged the company to be one of it’s kind:

  • When the beginning is as up to the mark as Enov8’s then there could be no doubt about their journey. They were potential enough to secure $ 250,000 pre-seed funding from SPHINX Capital.

  • Their very first project SeekFunds is all set to hit the market. It is a crowdfunding platform to fund/raise for business, projects, charities etc.

  • They have several amazing projects in their kitty. Some of them are real estate solution, digital marketing unit, fintech products and consumer service products.

  • They have also been pretty active in registering themselves with OEMs to be a reseller for different solutions from providers like Amazon Web Service, WIX, Google etc.

  • Apart from this they are also contributing towards the social responsibilities which generally startups don’t focus much on. They have launched BULB as a part of their CSR activity, which will help convert a Tech idea into reality. Also, they have partnered with Noella Foundation to mentor and incubate the winner of Seyi Tinubu Empowerment Program (STEP).

ENOV8 Solutions has a vision to be the leading innovative tech-solution provider to an ever-changing customer needs across Africa.

 Enov8 Solutions website screenshot Enov8 Solutions website screenshot

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