The society aspires to be led by innovators on a constant basis. To take care of this, University of Dar-es-Salaam Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre and Digital Opportunity Trust organised a six weeks online training on how to start a business that can support people in the community with practical solutions. The training was attended by 40 enthusiasts from different universities from all over the country. Among these were the three ultimate trailblazer who were awarded the prize due to their extra-ordinary ideas for the betterment of the society.

A look at the winners

The first prize went to Mr. Kuchengo Suleiman from Suku Enterprise for his health solution to treat diabetes and high blood pressure also providing employment to the widows and single mothers in Morogoro. He received cash amount of USD 3k and will also be going to Kenya to connect with other social innovators.

The second went to Faraji Bofu and Juma Matata from Mabo Recyclers Social Enterprise. They provided an excellent solution for the environment’s waste management problem by creating low cost exercise books and less carbon paper charcoal. He was given USD 2k cash for his efforts.

The third prize of amount USD 1k was awarded to Betty Sonda from Lily Pads Social Enterprise which tries to solve an important hygiene female issue. She produced sanitary pads which are eco-friendly and also affordable.

Need For such Program

Tanzania being a growing country has a lot of potential when it comes to bright mind and eligible youth who are graduating from wonderful universities every year. As there are ample of resources in terms of youth, there is also dearth of employment in the country. On an average one million of youth enter the labour market every year from schools and colleges. The sad status is only a handful of 30% are properly consumed by the market.

Such programs create competence among youth and enable them to create employment for themselves and their peer through innovation.

Apart from unemployment, it is healthy for any society to make their youth innovation ready for a better future. As it is rightly quoted by Mr Peter Drucker:

What we need is an entrepreneurial society in which entrepreneurship and innovation are normal, steady and continuous.

 Kuchengo-Suleiman Picture Credit - DOT Tanzania Kuchengo-Suleiman Picture Credit – DOT Tanzania