Presidential Advisory Group on Technology and Creativity and its impact : Nigeria

In June 2018, Nigerian Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo proudly launched a promising platform for the booming fields of Technology and Creativity. Some of the 50 brightest minds that is part of the group are Kola Aina (Founder of Venture Platform), Eloho Omame (MD of Endeavor), Sanusi Ismaila (Launched Colab, Kaduna’s first co-working space) etc. It is an initiative by Federal Government for the benefits of entrepreneurs and internet startups in Nigeria.

Why target Technology and Creative Sectors?

It is estimated that the country has generated about $ 70 Billion in IT investments and the creative sector is one of the fastest growing in the world. Over the years both the sectors have added enormous employment and also boosted the country’s profile in the world.

Key role of the group

  • It aims at enabling the stakeholders in technology and creative sectors to contribute directly to policy formulation, articulations and design of both the sectors going forward.
  • To bring about the best talent required in the digital world of the country.
  • A major importance of forming this group is to ultimately facilitate the startups of the country in terms of financing, infrastructure and easing the policy framework.

Where they lack till date ?

Apart from the visit to Silicon Valley, US by Vice President along with his team nothing much has been done with regard to the group. On the top of that there has been insights that the 50 selected advisers hasn’t even met for a single time in the mean time. So, what does the group majorly lack in ?

Planning and Strategies. Without detailed goals, there is no one performance be measured and tracked. The goals for such initiative must be crystal clear and embedded with step by step planning.

Also the main obstacle any Nigerian entrepreneur is facing is not funding but infrastructure and policies. The government lack in providing the ease of doing business when it comes to budding entrepreneurs. More money is never a problem but only money and less facilities is.

Therefore the idea of this initiative is absolutely laudable and progressive but only on paper as if now. The government needs to rope in the committee members and start working on this for real. The group is yet to showcase their potential in all the possible ways.