This is a great deal for a Moroccan start up to attract country’s biggest insurance for capital needs. Axa Insurance Morocco is all set to finance an unknown amount to health-tech company DabaDoc for its expansion needs.By this, the insurance company has emerged out to be the very first institutional investor in the venture to see such potential. They will also get some degree of equity in the health tech startup making it a strategic shareholder. The aid definitely will help the company’s growth in number of dimensions.

A little about DabaDoc….

DabaDoc is an online medical appointment booking platform in Africa. It provides free service for patients, allowing them to easily find and book an appointment 24/7 with an available doctor nearby that meets their needs. It was founded in 2014, with the clear mission to connect patients and doctors, substantially improving the doctor discovery process for patients and helping doctors optimize their schedule.

The startup claims to have facilitated the booking over two million appointments through its online medium. Currently, the startup boasts over 6,000 doctors who are leveraging its services to reach out to patients in such countries as Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

How did it attract such an investor ?

Health care being such an important part of any society, easy medical facilities is an epitome of a stable and ongoing country. The startup’s offerings incorporates some of the major perks like assisting medical professionals in such aspects managing their practice, storing records securely, optimizing practice to bring about the provision of continuous care and fill in last-minute cancellations, as well as communicate with their patients.

With the investment, the start up seems to expand its footprints in the existing as well as other geographies. Aims on developing their practice management solution for doctors and telemedicine for patients. It also objectifies to launch teleconsultation service which will allow the doctors and patients to communicate via videos etc.

The startup is poised to revolutionize the healthcare delivery system.

 Zineb Drissi-Kaitouni (DabaDoc) and Philipp Rocard (Axa Insurance Morocco) Zineb Drissi-Kaitouni (DabaDoc) and Philipp Rocard (Axa Insurance Morocco)